Solar Shingles

Thanks to Jennafer who told me about this product which is just about ready to go.  If this would have been available for THO I would have considered them.  To put this in perspective, a solar panel the size of my roof would easily give me enough power for heating, cooling and cooking.  Talk about sustainable solutions!Solar Shingles


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8 thoughts on “Solar Shingles

  1. The only problem is you’d have to cut trees to get the sun exposure. I think solar and wind are BRILLIANT…..!

    • I already have a good roof and a solar panel that is providing for my needs… Had this been available when I was building I might have located THO in the clearing where I put my solar panel and gone this way.
      I would love to have a little wind turbine too, but so far I have not needed it… so it is just an unnecessary want-want really…

  2. alice h

    If you combine solar power and rainwater collection in one installation you’d be well ahead in off-grid luxury. If your house is too tiny to provide enough surface you could make a nice little covered shelter too.

  3. Would these need to be shoveled off in the winter? I live in Minnesota.

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  5. I live in southeastern Alberta. The nearby city of Medicine Hat is said to be the sunniest city in Canada. I think solar power is the most viable and intelligent option to the dirty oil now being produced in northeastern Alberta, and even to the natural gas which Medicine Hat uses to produce electricity for the city and for our small town next door.
    No one, including my husband, will agree with me. I think “sunniest place=solar power, no brainer” but Albertans are in love with oil and gas. If they want to drive me back to living in British Columbia, where I was born and spent most of my life, they can at least provide the gas.

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