Tiny House in a Landscape

Nearly a year later, I finally finished this huge canvas.  It is 3×4 feet.Tiny House in a Landscape

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7 thoughts on “Tiny House in a Landscape

  1. It’s lovely! Where are you going to display it…??

    • I don’t have a clue! I have no walls big enough in the tiny house and also none in the little house…
      Quite a dilema!

      • Laura, display it at the next McMaster’s INNOVATION CENTER Art Expo… The application is already online! Go for it!

      • Hi Laura and thank you for your vote of confidence! I don’t find it when I google under McMaster’s INNOVATION CENTER Art Expo. There is a workplace one but this seems to be filled now. Can you hook me up with the link to the application? Thanks L

  2. It is vibrantly lovely!

    • Thank you Shirley. I love my tiny house and the movement of life in the forest. I think my love for it comes through and so too does the movement. I am pretty happy with this one.
      I appreciate your feedback too. I know you have a lot of skill and certainly more training and experience than I do, so it is really nice that you like it too!
      xo L

  3. mary

    Its beautiful Laura. Love Mary …from Wales UK x

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