Getting Stoned

We got so stoned yesterday at Tiny House Ontario!  We had expected this to come but were really surprised at how much we got for $175!

My cousin Andrea put in a flag stone patio last summer and it looks really great, so I thought using the same inexpensive and practical system as she did was the most sensible.  Basically, she explained, that they bought and put in stone dust, making the layer thicker than they wanted (because it settles a lot).  They levelled the stone dust, and then waited until the next summer to put the flag stones on in order so that the stuff settles.  Then they used only a little bit of stone dust to make sure that the stones all lined up and levelled well.  They let this sit too for a couple of weeks then when everything was well settled, they mixed Portland cement and put this into the spaces between.

It is heavy work, moving stone dust, then moving stone, but I love this effect and I am happy to do it. Thankfully my husband came down and we always do stuff together when he is around.  Yesterday it was charging the phones and computers while we got the stone dust in place.  He did the heavy work of shovelling, bringing and dumping the loads and I levelled and stomped on the dust to compress it with my feet.  We have quite a bit of it in place now.

It is a dirty job!  Both of us were coated with limestone dust so we made a trade.  We went in and had showers at my cousin Tracey’s place then we drove her out to her parent’s place because she needed to get there.  We also stayed and had a beer with them.

Her dad, is Vernie, who I have mentioned here before because he is the artist who made the cabinets in THO and her mom Irene is the person who gifts me with all the chipmunks!  They do not like them digging in their garden so they catch and then release them up in the forest at my place.  They and their kids too, are people who have a great sense of humour.  We all sat around laughing for a couple of hours.  What a great way to end a day of hard work!  Clean, fed and laughing with people who you love!

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2 thoughts on “Getting Stoned

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  2. Velda

    Looks fabulous, how far are you going with it? Any photos of the chipmunks? I love them…. I am more and more amazed at what you do at the Tiny House. Oh and I gave your blog link to my friend Nikki to read.

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