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Alicia wrote to me (thank you) to let me know that she found this gem while looking around the Stone Mills Township website.  It is absolutely awesome news for those who own property in Lennox and Addington.

Not only are you able to build a secondary dwelling on your property that you can rent out, but it looks like for the time being you can apply for a $20,000 grant to help with the costs.

While looking all of this up to be sure that it was accurate, I also found out that the City of Kingston has also opened up for secondary dwellings!  And they too have a grant program for home owners!!!

When I posted this, my co-Admin Lulu (awesome thanks!)  let me know that Simcoe County is also allowing secondary units and the have a $25,000 grant available as well!

Since Canadians are not accustomed to having secondary dwellings, I will share some options – my suggestions would be to match the style of your house so that the smaller house fits your neighbourhood.  Fence off a small section of your yard or property  and put in a separate driveway, so that that the neighbouring house is clearly seperate from your own.  If you are in town, corner lots are ideal for this.  If you are rural it is just a matter of finding a place on your land which is most comfortable to separate.

  • You can build yourself and rent out the secondary dwelling.  (requires personal investment)
  • You can look for someone who wants to build a tiny house and have a land lease drawn up.  I would suggest something like a 50-100 year transferable lease with the homeowners having the first option to buy.   (requires very little personal investment)

I am SO HAPPY that these options are finally opening up!







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  1. calvin gleason

    I am looking for a tiny house land for rental this fall 2018! If anyone knows any details where i could live or know who to connect with please contact me @ 289 489 7803 or for more details!

  2. Dan

    Check “My Haliburton Now” website. Trailers possible in Highlands East. Mayor supportive for a bylaw to be created for next months meeting.

    It’s a step in the right direction.

  3. Great work thanks for the article Laura

  4. Ellen Boyce

    I believe they don’t mean a totally separate tiny house. They mean an apartment within the house or addition to the house.

    • Hi Ellen, the great news is that you are mistaken. The legislation and the communities both make it clear that it is for Adding an apartment to your exisiting home or creating a garden suite or new separate structure. Kind regards, Laura

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