The Poster is Ready!

Poster Option 2

I am doing some prep work for my place at Springer Market Square in Kingston Ontario.  Here is my banner… (Don’t worry I know there are two typos.  This is what they sent to me via email to approve before printing and now the corrections are made).  The banner is about 5 feet high and 2 feet wide.  Almost the same size as me… but wafer thin and a little blockier…

Do you like the layout?

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5 thoughts on “The Poster is Ready!

  1. This is a perfect way to present your paintings!

  2. I love the layout and the images are gorgeous. I think my favorite (while hard to choose) would be the family tree.

    • Thank you Lois! I am really pleased with the layout as well. Amanda who works at my printers took care of this for me and I think she has a good eye!
      The family tree painting is very close to me. It is based on the oak at the front of THO’s land. The tree is probably 300 years old and thus would have been there before the settlers came. It would have been big enough to shelter my grandma as she walked to school in the morning and my great grandfather too.
      It is about the place… but also I wanted to show the fragility in those connections with one another and with the chaos that we create on the planet if we are not aware.
      I am really pleased that it is your favourite.

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