Flying Easter Eggs!

We did not have any rabbits who showed up on Easter Sunday morning.  There was not even a tiny egg hidden, but there were a lot of visiting woodpeckers.  My husband and I sat outside in the sun reading and watching the woodpeckers flying around.  There are a ton of tiny downy woodpeckers around THO.  They are so cute flitting up and down the trees looking for insects.  They are quiet too, so if you don’t keep your eyes open you miss them.  We also have at least one hairy woodpecker he is a lot noisier than his tiny cousin.  Both the flap of his wings and the hammering of his beak on the trees is loud.  They are quite similar in appearance. both are specked and showy with a little red on the back of their heads, but the the size difference between them  makes them easy to distinguish.

My sister has a pileated woodpecker who lives near their place.  Unfortunately, I have never caught a glimpse of it, though she says it is a frequent visitor.  They are very noisy birds!  I saw one only once before and hope that a least one will come to join me in the forest this year.

downy woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

On another quizzical note.  When we arrived on Friday there was a wild animal at THO.  I do not know what it was.  I did not see it too closely because it ran when we pulled the car in.  It was the size, colour and shape of a fisher, but it appeared to have softer fur similar to a cat.  It also had a bobbed tail with a spot of white on the end.  This is not an April fools thing if you are wondering.  I really would like to know what it was.  ANYONE?

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6 thoughts on “Flying Easter Eggs!

  1. Cynthia

    Bob cat?

  2. It wasn’t a woodchuck? They sometimes have white on their tails.

    • No… it was larger than a woodchuck. I know them well. A carry a hole in my finger from a woodchuck bite. Not many people can tell you that (and be able to show you the scar).

  3. Anonymous

    Sounds like you got a good look at it! No idea, sorry….but I share your thrill at being blessed with a glimpse. I too live in a tiny house in the woods, would love to put in a motion activated camera! Enjoying your posts and info sharing, thanks 🙂

  4. I have to say I am no help for you today. Can’t wait to spot our woodpeckers again this year.

  5. So you have a sister that lives near THO? That must be quite nice! I’ve always wanted to have land where I could share with mine… Maybe one day…

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