Music of the Heart

We arrived safely at THO at about 1:00 and shortly after, I had a visit from someone who played a more than significant role in my life.  Kiki is the sort of person that we need in our life, who believe in you when you not exactly the greatest human inspiration.   Who know how to inspire you to be better, even if it is a little kick in the ass that is required.  She opened doors for me in a time of my life when it seemed that I only faced closed ones.   It was just awesome to see her!

As a way of paying forward the kindnesses that I experienced all those years ago I made a fast stop  to do a small pay forward.  Getting through is not always easy for brilliant and creative people.  It is sad – at least it is for me – our talented artists should be able to make a living from their talent!  Do you agree?

After Kiki’s visit, I had to skip to Kingston after to pick up a few things and also stop to see Leo who is coming this morning to put up the eves trough.

We had a bite to eat and after dinner Tiny House Ontario was just starting to warm up so Hj and I took turns playing the McNally Strumstick (G).  This is such a great little instrument!  We are both not musicians and yet just like McNally promises you can’t hit a wrong note and right away you feel like you might be able to do it.  The guitar I have only wishes I could play it as well!

What can I say, today at THO there was music of the heart.

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7 thoughts on “Music of the Heart

  1. kiki

    Thanks for the lovely comments, Laura. It’s wonderful to see you so happy, and writing because you WANT to. Hope to make it back to the tiny house sometime in 2013. I met the chicken lady… Kiki

  2. Steve

    Sounds like an awesome day you had 😀

    • I did! How was your day? xo L

      • Steve

        Was pretty good. Pidled with a 40-45 year old bicycle in the workshop (what will be the tiny house later 😉 ) and got it taken apart for restoring/rebuilding,the was just lazy all day,watching a Walking Dead marathon,LOL!

      • Laura

        Sounds great! I used to love being on bikes when I was young – but the hips can’t take it so now it has to be motorized for me. Don’t know how to fix mechanical stuff… wish I did. Do you ever steam punk your bikes or are you mainly interested in the restore?
        xo L

      • Steve

        Yeah I feel that sometimes too…though it’s the damaged spine or knees (which were caused by too many singlespeed rides with a too-high-gear and too-low-seat,LOL) and not the hips….yet 😛

        It really depnds on the bike-this one (that I was working on) I’ll “restify”…mostly restore with a stock look,but I may change a few things (like a 2 speed kick back hub instead of one hard gear),the one I bought Friday,while a cool old fat fendered/gas-tanked ‘early 50’s ballon bike,it has so many non-stock parts on it,I’ll custom it out 😉

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