The New Cloth Porch

It is not exactly a new room but the same Cloth Porch with a bit of a change up as well as a cold weather transition.  I attached a bunch of 2×8’s to the roof which Hj handed up to me, then tarped some of it, and just as it started to rain we lifted the BBQ inside.  It was totally awesome!  It was pissing rain outside and there I was tucked safely under the newly tarped roof, dry and cozy cooking supper.  We worked on the meal and tidying up the construction mess while things were cooking.  We both felt happy to have the porch at least semi set up so that we could work through the stuff that had to be done, dry and cozy.

We had rice with a few remaining garden veggies in a red pepper and coconut cream sauce.  I had tea and the big German had a beer.  I have to tell you supper was totally yum!  You know what I mean, food is always so good after fresh air and a good day of work.

I decided in the night that I am not going to tarp the rest rather I am actually going to cut down the South facing tarp and I will cover the rest with thick vapour barrier plastic.  Not exactly the prettiest stuff but it will allow light in, so this is a better solution I think.

This morning we fixed up the screen door which after two summers with little dogs pushing on it had let go of the screen.  I just put the screen back in and screwed some 1×2 alone the entire rubber bead.  Works again like a charm!  This winter it too will be plastic coated.  Not today though, we are back on the highway soon, as you see by the photos it is pissing rain here so we will lock the doors again and won’t be back for a couple of weeks in order to finish what we started.

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6 thoughts on “The New Cloth Porch

  1. Hello Laura,
    I live in a tiny home in Ontario as well, currently Durham Region. Can you tell me what the shiny, clear material is please and where I might get some as well.

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

    • The material is called voile… it is what outdoor curtains are made from. Truly, any 100% polyester fabric that is sheer will work well. You can see through darker colours better for some reason – BUT the lighter colour will bounce the sun off instead of absorbing it.
      I purchased mine at Fabricland in the SALE drapery section. I looked for the sort that is double width (mine is 10 feet wide) so that I do not have to put a seam in it. I also waited until they had the buy one metre get two metres free sale – So I only paid $3.00/ for 3 metres. It was less than $20 to cover the 9×12 porch.
      Good luck Wild!
      xo L

      • Thank you, I will go a take a peek at it this week. I will also remember what you said about the colours and such reflecting light and letting light in.
        cheers ~Wild_E

  2. disabledcyclist

    I like what you’ve done with it, my friend!

    (It’s me…Stephen the “DreamingSmaller” guy, LOL, sorry, I’m logged into my cycling blog ,and not my smaller living blog :P)

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