Again with the Dusting

Since Hj was down on the weekend to help with a couple of things that I could not do on my own we decided to fill in the area which will next year become the stone patio with some of the stone dust that I had delivered a few weeks ago.

We put in quite a few wheel barrels full, raked it down and then stomped on it to press it down  It will further compress in the rain too as soon as a good one comes.  We did not put a board to it and level it down this time, because this job is dusty, dirty, rotten and frankly either of us felt like getting that filthy on a sticky day.  Levelling is a job that takes two hands (at least for non-professionals like me) and will take a couple of hours.  I want to do it one day when I know that I can easily jump into someone’s shower afterward, or at least when I expect a long warm rain that I can stand out in and wash up.

I also decided to place a few stones across the dust from the driveway to the front door.  Frankly the stone dust is a bit of a nightmare because it sticks to the shoes and comes into the Tiny House, particularly if it is raining.  The big issue with this is not so much that you have to sweep the Tiny Floor over and over; seriously, this is a one minute job.  Rather the problem is that Rudigrrr Wolf seems to suffer with Pica.  He eats all kids of stuff that he should not, including rocks and I worry that this might block his little tummy up and get very costly, very fast.  Plus, he chews them… chewing rocks is not a nice sound.  I hope the little stone path helps.

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