Girl with the Yellow Umbrella, Artist Laura Lee Moreland

It has been some time since I published anything here. This is because I am no longer living in my tiny house. Due to this, I felt it was dishonest of me to write as though I were.

Bella In and Out – Artist Laura Lee Moreland

Some of you may have noticed that I shut down the associated Facebook page about a year and a half ago when I was making the transition. This was because I was getting a lot of nonsense there from people who thought I was running a business or owed them information because of their misconception that blogging and living in a self built tiny house makes me a business. With around 80,000 followers there, it was a full time (not for pay) job, which was increasingly stress inducing, and really – to be completely honest – not part of my life objectives. I don’t want to give the impression that this was all unhappy! There are so many lovely people who I have come in contact here, and on my Facebook page. Still, there are trolls and goodness knows we don’t need those in our lives taking up our oxygen. So, those few nasty jerks pushed me (ironically) in the direction I wanted to be going, thanks for that!!

The Dancer, Artist Laura Lee Moreland

Fishy – Artist Laura Lee Moreland

So, here I am, a full time artist now, which was my evolvement plan – despite my housing situation. Extreme housing costs put this off for me for a long time now BUT, I had already moved in with my spouse to a small house (a little over 900 square feet) in Guelph Ontario. Here, I continue to concentrate on painting and (if Covid gets stopped) teaching in my home Atelier.

The Mathematician, Artist Laura Lee Moreland

As you see, I have attached a couple of examples of my work; if you are interested in seeing my evolvement, you can find me here:




I wish to thank all of the readers I have had over these last ten years. I wish all of you well and hope for a better year in 2021.

Follow your dreams

❤ Laura

Malala, Artist Laura Lee Moreland

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7 thoughts on “Evolve

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful work! Good for you.

  2. Hi Laura – wonderful artwork! I hope you’re very happy and successful with it!


    Vicki Hamilton


  3. Hey thanks for your dedication, and very beautiful art you’re creating! I really value beauty and skill when it comes to art, and am appalled by some of the postmodern junk I see in galleries all over the place these days. If you haven’t seen it already, I think you might love the documentary Why Beauty Matters: https://vimeo.com/101804860

  4. Patricia Hock

    Hello….thanks for this update. All the best with becoming all of who you are…thanks for the earlier tiny house posts. If you know anyone who has a Garden suite aka Accessory dwelling/Granny flat for 2 in Guelph, let me know! Take care of you. P


  5. Corinne

    Wow I love your work
    Thank you for being you

  6. Maurene

    Congratulations on the hard work that it took to get you to where you want to be. Enjoy. I like what you say about not letting others take up your oxygen.

  7. Chantal

    Wish you all the best, you are a great artist!

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