covered garden covered strawberriesNo worries, this rural girl listens to the radio and I have it covered!

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My Paintings

As many of you know, I very much need a shed at Tiny House Ontario.  In order to build this, I need to raise some funds.  I decided in the winter that I would try to up my income, by bringing prints of my work to the historic Springer Market Square in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  BUT in oder to do this I had to buy a car… a 1999 Golf… and is in the shop now getting a $400 repair done.  So much for earning.  So far, I pay rent at the market and I am not quite breaking even… but with the car repair and gas… tragic (for me)!

Laura's Market Stall with rental car Painting at the Market

I was speaking about my concerns to fellow artist friend (another Laura) and she made a few suggestions.  In short, I have followed her advice.  I opened an account with Fine Art America to sell some of my pieces, originals as well as prints.

I decided to keep the prices minimal – marking them up just a dollar or two on each print and the originals are marked to pay for my materials as well as my time.  I wanted to keep the prices as low as I can so that everyone in the tiny house community can afford to support me.  Too, I think it would be cool to see my work up in other tiny houses!  I am really hoping that this will happen!



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The ice storm had some very nice effect on the THO forest.  Have a peek.

I knew the storm was coming so I spent a couple of nights with my cousin Tracey.  The house is strong, so I was not worried about it caving in on me, but I was here in Ontario for ice storm 98 and saw the effect that ice can have.  I was concerned that I could be trapped by falling trees.

When the ice stopped falling and I found out from my community that the roads were sufficiently clear, I drove out.  It was interesting out there!  Like having bags of ice dumped on your head.  Slowly dropping ice-cubes, actually.

Today, I worked my first day at the market.  It was miserably cold!  The nicest parts of the day were my friends Guillaume, and Geoff popping in to see me.  Sadly I missed my oldest boyfriend Kevin and his fiancee Tim.  I gave up at 1:30 because I was frozen to the ground.

Here is proof that I was there!  (Photo credit: Prof. Geoff Smith)

Laura at the Market

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Shaman’s Yurt Workshop @ THO




Tiny House Ontario plans to run a Shaman’s yurt building workshop on May the 5th 2013.

The Shaman’s Yurt is a many skills learning experience where 10 to 14 people will learn to build their own Mongolian yurt from basic materials growing in the forest, sticks and rope. The interests of the group will be the topic of the single day course.

Folklorist Bear The Tinker will be your instructor and host guiding you through the building process of the Yurt’s sacred symbolism. Stories will be shared within the shamanic point of view on subjects of many interests including cryptozoology, the paranormal, parallel universe theory, and other intelligent life form from within and without of this reality.

Attendance at the course will also gain you access to visit the inside of Tiny House Ontario and a day in a natural forest just outside of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Cost is $100.  Payments to attend will be made via Paypal.  If you are interested please send an email to  I will email you a payment request within a day or two.  After payment is received I will send details.  (A full refund will be given should registration be too low)

Please check out Bear’s website for video to gain understanding about his teachings.

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The Poster is Ready!

Poster Option 2

I am doing some prep work for my place at Springer Market Square in Kingston Ontario.  Here is my banner… (Don’t worry I know there are two typos.  This is what they sent to me via email to approve before printing and now the corrections are made).  The banner is about 5 feet high and 2 feet wide.  Almost the same size as me… but wafer thin and a little blockier…

Do you like the layout?

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