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As many of you know, I very much need a shed at Tiny House Ontario.  In order to build this, I need to raise some funds.  I decided in the winter that I would try to up my income, by bringing prints of my work to the historic Springer Market Square in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  BUT in oder to do this I had to buy a car… a 1999 Golf… and is in the shop now getting a $400 repair done.  So much for earning.  So far, I pay rent at the market and I am not quite breaking even… but with the car repair and gas… tragic (for me)!

Laura's Market Stall with rental car Painting at the Market

I was speaking about my concerns to fellow artist friend (another Laura) and she made a few suggestions.  In short, I have followed her advice.  I opened an account with Fine Art America to sell some of my pieces, originals as well as prints.

I decided to keep the prices minimal – marking them up just a dollar or two on each print and the originals are marked to pay for my materials as well as my time.  I wanted to keep the prices as low as I can so that everyone in the tiny house community can afford to support me.  Too, I think it would be cool to see my work up in other tiny houses!  I am really hoping that this will happen!



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10 thoughts on “My Paintings

  1. An idea:

    I have some art that I have done on small (5×6) post cards. I have printed them off on my PC at home on a pre-organized gridded off and perforated sheet. So after the image is there and printed the back, the card has a spot for address a vertical line and a square for a stamp. It’s a tiny idea to sell the same art in a TINY way. It could be an option to generate more revenue and everyone has at least a dollar in there pocket. I thought to do a series on the area- landscape type w/tractors- pen&ink with watercolor. You could fab a stand to sell maybe 5 assorted? Have fun ~F.

    • Thanks Forrest! At the market I have postcards for $2 and bookmarks and cards for $3. The mark up on them is about $1 each. I have to pay $38/day to rent my space, so I have to earn this before I start to make money.

  2. Where can I see your paintings? Is there a website we can purchase from? I will be building a tiny house in Kenya and I enjoy your blog immensely. Keep up the good work! You are such an inspiration to so many.

  3. Your art is amazing, of course the one that would match my decor isn’t for sale😊

  4. Anonymous

    Good Luck Laura. Your Market space and display looks good!

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