The B List

The last few hours at Tiny House Ontario have been eventful because of the high winds and rain.  I know that we needed the rain but I am glad that it is over.  I braved the wind on Baby because I had to get to town to deal with my B list.  Bitter, Beef, Blog, Bread -n- Butter

The first two items on the list are for the dogs, while the beef is probably obvious as dog food, the bitter is for the garbage cans because one of the dogs has decided that she really likes to get into the garbage.

Can you guess which one before I show her guilty little face?

Minnie!  Three times in one day with her nose in the muck!  I am hoping a little bitter apple will fix up this problem.  It is funny that she started doing this at 7 years old I think.  Lucky for her she is so cute!

Blog… well this is obvious because here I am…

Bread -n- Butter – I have to go to Glenbernie Grocery so that I can get the bread I like (which is Rudolf’s whole grain Bavarian) and Organic Meadows butter.  When I became vegetarian I gave up all animal products except the organic items from this Ontario dairy.

So, that is the B list.  Just to wreck my B theme though, I might just get some tomatoes too, but only if the greenhouse has fresh ones.





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One thought on “The B List

  1. Tracey Miller

    Not if you bought “beef-steak” tomatoes…..hahaha!!

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