The ice storm had some very nice effect on the THO forest.  Have a peek.

I knew the storm was coming so I spent a couple of nights with my cousin Tracey.  The house is strong, so I was not worried about it caving in on me, but I was here in Ontario for ice storm 98 and saw the effect that ice can have.  I was concerned that I could be trapped by falling trees.

When the ice stopped falling and I found out from my community that the roads were sufficiently clear, I drove out.  It was interesting out there!  Like having bags of ice dumped on your head.  Slowly dropping ice-cubes, actually.

Today, I worked my first day at the market.  It was miserably cold!  The nicest parts of the day were my friends Guillaume, and Geoff popping in to see me.  Sadly I missed my oldest boyfriend Kevin and his fiancee Tim.  I gave up at 1:30 because I was frozen to the ground.

Here is proof that I was there!  (Photo credit: Prof. Geoff Smith)

Laura at the Market

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4 thoughts on “BRRRRRRRish

  1. Lovely paintings at your Market sale.

  2. Hopefully you will have warmer weather for the next showing. I still remember an ice storm that threatened our home, my grandfather climbed the huge soft maples to tie up the branches away from the house while we sat indoors hoping he didn’t get hurt.

  3. Indeed, I remember the ice storm of ’98! Good thing you planned to keep yourself out of harms way. Nice pictures! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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