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My Paintings

As many of you know, I very much need a shed at Tiny House Ontario.  In order to build this, I need to raise some funds.  I decided in the winter that I would try to up my income, by bringing prints of my work to the historic Springer Market Square in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  BUT in oder to do this I had to buy a car… a 1999 Golf… and is in the shop now getting a $400 repair done.  So much for earning.  So far, I pay rent at the market and I am not quite breaking even… but with the car repair and gas… tragic (for me)!

Laura's Market Stall with rental car Painting at the Market

I was speaking about my concerns to fellow artist friend (another Laura) and she made a few suggestions.  In short, I have followed her advice.  I opened an account with Fine Art America to sell some of my pieces, originals as well as prints.

I decided to keep the prices minimal – marking them up just a dollar or two on each print and the originals are marked to pay for my materials as well as my time.  I wanted to keep the prices as low as I can so that everyone in the tiny house community can afford to support me.  Too, I think it would be cool to see my work up in other tiny houses!  I am really hoping that this will happen!



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