Tiny House – Ontario Sportsman Style

Here in Ontario where the winter days are short and cold, many people prefer to hibernate through as much of it as they can.

Still, there are those who live outside the box… well sort of… specifically the people who fish cannot wait for the long warm days on the water, so they brave the ice.  When you look across the Ontario’s frozen waters you will often find them out there, huddled in bunches.  They bring their trucks or four wheelers out and those who are die hards normally build themselves an ice hut.  They look like snowy villages on the plain.

My friend Mj, who I have known since high school, married a man who loves outdoors activities.  This year he and a friend built themselves a perfect (insulated) ice hut.  He even glued crazy carpet to the base to make it slide easier.  Not exactly Jay’s Tiny House, but even so, exactly perfect for what it is required to do!  Finally the hut was done yesterday and Mj caught this hilarious photo that is just too great to stay private!  Her husband and brother in-law started the wood stove, hooked up the tiny house and dragged it, toasty and warm, behind them to the ice.  Let the fishing begin!

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2 thoughts on “Tiny House – Ontario Sportsman Style

  1. I can vouch for hibernation. I just spent 20 hours of the last 24 sleeping.

  2. LOL Love that smoke stack! :^)

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