Shaman’s Yurt Workshop @ THO




Tiny House Ontario plans to run a Shaman’s yurt building workshop on May the 5th 2013.

The Shaman’s Yurt is a many skills learning experience where 10 to 14 people will learn to build their own Mongolian yurt from basic materials growing in the forest, sticks and rope. The interests of the group will be the topic of the single day course.

Folklorist Bear The Tinker will be your instructor and host guiding you through the building process of the Yurt’s sacred symbolism. Stories will be shared within the shamanic point of view on subjects of many interests including cryptozoology, the paranormal, parallel universe theory, and other intelligent life form from within and without of this reality.

Attendance at the course will also gain you access to visit the inside of Tiny House Ontario and a day in a natural forest just outside of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Cost is $100.  Payments to attend will be made via Paypal.  If you are interested please send an email to  I will email you a payment request within a day or two.  After payment is received I will send details.  (A full refund will be given should registration be too low)

Please check out Bear’s website for video to gain understanding about his teachings.

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8 thoughts on “Shaman’s Yurt Workshop @ THO

  1. I just found this out today, and I only live a few hours away 😦

    • It is a pity. I did not have enough people to run it. I really would like to do a course. If Bear decides to run one this summer on his own (he is closer to Gananoque), I will give you a heads up.

      • Thank you, this is right up my alley as I love Yurts/Gers, would also like to start making them commercially, as well as other tents.

        He is the fellow who has the Wagon for sale is he not?
        Thanks for the follow up, cheers

      • Yes, Bear is the guy… He is a truly amazing human being! He has so much old knowledge, it is like he time traveled into this time from another. I wish a I had six months in his presence so that I could learn much more from him…

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  4. I am so far away and felt sad that I could not attend. What I see however looks really great. Yurts are definitely a smart shelter.

  5. Good luck with the class, I would love to be there, but can’t. Hope you share the stories that come from it on your site so I can enjoy it from afar.

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