King of the Castle

This morning it was so warm and cozy at Tiny House Ontario, but it was a little cold outside.  The perfect day for a post coffee nap.  The Bad Little Wolf, in his grumpy old man sweater, thinks that a nap is the perfect invitation for a game of King of the Castle.

He always wins!

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Kitchen Update

Yesterday Tiny House Ontario had the kitchen removed by yours truly.  There are a bunch of reasons why I this needed doing.  One is that the floor is not level so I needed to level under the cupboards.  I also wanted to get the counter tops in their permanent location despite the fact that the two existing cupboards are not staying forever.  The next reason I did this is I think that by raising the base of the cupboards two inches (plus the amount needed to level them – another half inch).  I believe that this will give enough clearance for the drawers when I eventually install the permanent floors, because the cupboards will not have legs. I sawed off the base of the current cupboards too  because I want to have some room under the counter top for a few things.  In this space I will, eventually install the sink, and a two burner propane unit. I will also do as my grandpa did when he build his kitchen which is to install a pull out cutting board.  This will allow for a little extra counter space that can be pulled out when I want it, just like a drawer.

The job is not done, but at minimum it is in a more completed state of transition. I was one board short to fix up the top and also when I took it apart I realized that I am a very crappy painter… sigh.

I thought it would take a half hour but it took three hours.  Still it looks pretty tidy now, so it is awesome!  I am glad to have it behind me.  Well, most of it anyway.

I got things put in there and as soon as I did, The Bad Little Wolf went sniffing at the cooler… I thought it was a pretty funny reaction when I asked him what he was doing!  So I include this image as well.

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Tank Girl Diversions

I am heading back to Tiny House Ontario tomorrow in the early morning.  I understand that we have had enough rain there to keep things going for another day or two so this is good.

I was hoping that when I returned that I would not have to get on my Tank Girl gear and start fighting Water and Power for Our share.  Glad that dystopia was diverted… at least for the time being.  Frankly, life will be easier at THO when we can get a well in.  Though, I do know that I could not water the whole forest and the loss of those trees makes me really unhappy, even though there was nothing realistically that I could do to help them.

For the time being, I head back soon in the slightly softer Tank Girl suit and keep on keepin’on.

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Tiny House Amputees

Rudigrrr Wolf has found a new favourite thing to do at THO.  The “hobby” is to play with, amputate and eat the legs from the daddy long legs (Opiliones) spiders that hunt there.

We have dozens of amputees in the cloth porch now.

I think that the spiders do not allow this to happen without a fight.  The consequence for Rudigrrrr is that he has swollen glands so he went to Hamilton with Big Papa Wolf to get checked out by the vet.

Any suggestions on how to deter Rudigrrr from hunting spiders?

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The B List

The last few hours at Tiny House Ontario have been eventful because of the high winds and rain.  I know that we needed the rain but I am glad that it is over.  I braved the wind on Baby because I had to get to town to deal with my B list.  Bitter, Beef, Blog, Bread -n- Butter

The first two items on the list are for the dogs, while the beef is probably obvious as dog food, the bitter is for the garbage cans because one of the dogs has decided that she really likes to get into the garbage.

Can you guess which one before I show her guilty little face?

Minnie!  Three times in one day with her nose in the muck!  I am hoping a little bitter apple will fix up this problem.  It is funny that she started doing this at 7 years old I think.  Lucky for her she is so cute!

Blog… well this is obvious because here I am…

Bread -n- Butter – I have to go to Glenbernie Grocery so that I can get the bread I like (which is Rudolf’s whole grain Bavarian) and Organic Meadows butter.  When I became vegetarian I gave up all animal products except the organic items from this Ontario dairy.

So, that is the B list.  Just to wreck my B theme though, I might just get some tomatoes too, but only if the greenhouse has fresh ones.





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