Kitchen Update

Yesterday Tiny House Ontario had the kitchen removed by yours truly.  There are a bunch of reasons why I this needed doing.  One is that the floor is not level so I needed to level under the cupboards.  I also wanted to get the counter tops in their permanent location despite the fact that the two existing cupboards are not staying forever.  The next reason I did this is I think that by raising the base of the cupboards two inches (plus the amount needed to level them – another half inch).  I believe that this will give enough clearance for the drawers when I eventually install the permanent floors, because the cupboards will not have legs. I sawed off the base of the current cupboards too  because I want to have some room under the counter top for a few things.  In this space I will, eventually install the sink, and a two burner propane unit. I will also do as my grandpa did when he build his kitchen which is to install a pull out cutting board.  This will allow for a little extra counter space that can be pulled out when I want it, just like a drawer.

The job is not done, but at minimum it is in a more completed state of transition. I was one board short to fix up the top and also when I took it apart I realized that I am a very crappy painter… sigh.

I thought it would take a half hour but it took three hours.  Still it looks pretty tidy now, so it is awesome!  I am glad to have it behind me.  Well, most of it anyway.

I got things put in there and as soon as I did, The Bad Little Wolf went sniffing at the cooler… I thought it was a pretty funny reaction when I asked him what he was doing!  So I include this image as well.

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