Crooked Floor Cottage

In order to purchase the land where Tiny House Ontario sits, I had to sell land with a very crooked little cottage on it.  It was a fantastic spot in beautiful Warkworth, Ontario.  You could walk to the village and yet you were secluded so much that you could bathe naked in the Mill Creek that ran around the ten acres.

This is the inside of the crooked cottage.  I started painting it about a year or maybe two ago and lost focus on it.  I pulled it out today and ta-da, it is done, like magic.

The stuff in the painting all has a story.  The tall cupboard was retrieved from the garbage in Germany when I lived there.  It is called a chimney cupboard.  The wash basin and pitcher are made of enamel and were handy (still are) because either there or Tiny House Ontario have running water.  The Victorian sideboard is from Eaton’s and cost ~$3.89 to order it from the catalogue about a hundred years ago.  I had the catalogue but I donated it a while back so I can’t look it up.  The sideboard now sits in my sister’s home, I gave this to her when she bought our great, great, great grandparent’s home. It is nice that it is there and it looks great in her kitchen.  The stairs stool was built by my grandpa and the kettle in the other room belonged to him and grandma.  The green footstool was also taken from the garbage; it has storage inside and I kept my dogs stuff in there.  The candle holder on the wall was made by the Philoxian hippies at their commune in Marlbank.  I bought it years ago when I was there with a group of friends from my youth; we were teeny-boppers then… I guess that this painting could just as easily be called waste-not, want-not or nostalgia.

I finally finished it today.  It is 18×20.

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3 thoughts on “Crooked Floor Cottage

  1. Darryl.

    I love the uncluttered look of this art work……it immediately brought me back to my great grandmothers home when I was a young child……thanks!

    • Darryl

      for some reason this popped into my mind today at work…

      • I am really glad that you like it. I like this way of putting things in a house. I like that homey, grandma’s place kind of feel.
        It is comforting.

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