Forest Geometry

I just spent a few days with my friends Liisa and her daughter Lydiah.  I had an event to attend while there, and was looking forward to a week of giggling with the two girls but some other events caused the visit to be mostly stressful instead.  Thankfully, Liisa is easygoing (well this is sort of a joke between us, because either of us are).  Rather then, thankfully, Liisa is a great comfort and support for me; she is as solid as a rock and the best sort of friend.  I am thankful that she exists!

While there, we went to Tiny House Ontario to walk around and check in.  The forest was lovely and quiet, excepting the tracks of the wild creatures who live there, the snow a pristine reflection of blue from the northern sky above.  The days are short here in Ontario in January, so even in the early afternoon the shadow lines from the trees are long and lean and create interesting geometry.

Here are three images that Liisa captured.

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5 thoughts on “Forest Geometry

  1. Bonnie Smith

    Really lovely photos of a magical place.

  2. Liisa

    Oh Anonymous is me Liisa…lol…I don’t know why it does that.

  3. Liisa

    I love this property. It certainly is magically beautiful. I love all the trees but I especially love the big guy in the first picture. Though he is a little wonky…he has a magnifcant presence in the forest at the tiny house. I am very lucky to have a friend who owns such a piece of property.

  4. Anonymous

    I love that big tree….
    This place is truly beautiful and magical…I am so blessed that my friend owns it and that I can visit anytime I wish.

  5. Lovely and peaceful scenes. I can ‘feel’ being there. And you’re right; those long shadows just add to the beauty of it all. Thanks for sharing.

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