Grandma Moses Children

When you arrive on Wolfe Island, and turn left off the ferry, not too far down the road sits this lovely Tiny House which is actually a child’s play house, I assume.

Having grown up in the country, I could never understand people’s reluctance to move kids to the country because there is “nothing to do”.  Nonsense!

In this little image alone, the little girl in me can find at least a hundred things to do.  The grown up me too.

I hope that the owners of this beautiful place did not mind my laying on my tummy in their lawn to get this angle?  No one yelled at me anyway.

The bench faces out toward Kingston to Lake Ontario.

What I am after in this painting, is the simplicity of Anna Mary Robertson, the solitude of Lawren Harris, the movement of Emily Carr and the light of the Dutch Masters, the mood of the impressionists and the story telling of Douglas Coupland… not asking much of myself, am I?


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