Getting down to work

(Follow up on the topic of Fred’s House – see the next post down)


Good morning everyone!  I just picked up the 2×4’s and screws at Arruda’s hardware store.  The 2×4’s cost a little more and will all need to be trimmed because they don’t carry stud sized, but they donated the delivery and will come shortly (today).


Receipt number one!


We have collected $938. in less than 24 hours, so we are a pretty united community here!  Thank you to all of you who donated, shared and sent will wishes!  This means that Fred’s house is not far from being a reality.  Just heat and a light to go!

MEET:   We expect a nice weather day tomorrow, thus, I think we should start by framing the panels. I don’t want to put my address and phone number on the internet so, I ask that you meet me tomorrow morning at the Tim Horton’s on Barton Street (the new one between Wellington and Ferguson) at 9:15.  This is 9:15 SHARP.  Please don’t be late. because I will stay only five minutes to collect the volunteers.  I have a car, and other volunteers will too, so if you are taking the bus, we can hopefully car pool to my house.

If you have a drill, circular saw, gloves, please bring them.  I have only got one of each of these things.  I am also hoping someone will bring a set of saw horses.

If anyone in the group has a truck, it would be seriously appreciated if you could do a plywood pick up with me some time today (or very early tomorrow morning before we meet).  Arruda does not carry thin – light cheap plywood (they start at $20 sheets and we need and want to have the $10 stuff.)  If anyone can do this, please comment here or on Facebook PRIVATELY with your number and I will call you ASAP to arrange).

Next weekend when we build, I will also need a truck or two, and some people to help lift the panels on the truck at my house and off the truck, at Fred’s house site.  So I am looking for volunteers for this (otherwise I will have to rent one).

Depending on how many come, I think that we can frame all the panels in one short day.  But if we don’t get the hands, I will be back here Saturday asking for people to come.



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4 thoughts on “Getting down to work

  1. pah

    sheryl, anything going on next week? i would be free and would love to help. pah…

  2. So great that this is already coming together and I can’t wait to see the progress!

    • I hope so! I don’t have anyone confirmed for tomorrow – so it may be me, myself and I doing the framing this weekend.

      • Hi. Sheryl and i will meet you at Tims in the morning tomorrow. We will bring a circular saw a drill and a hammer and goves. We drive a black jeep and can drive others to your place if needed.

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