Happy Birthday Dear Puppies

Today is the 8th Birthday of Honey’s five children.  So we drove the gang up to Guelph on our annual visit to get her together with them.  Here is this year’s photo of Honey and her children. Honey was wigged out excited!  She really loves Josh and Danny’s human, Deb and I thought for a few minutes that she might lick Deb’s face right off.

Josh, Tippy, Danny, Imp, Minnie and Honey enjoy some time together.

Josh, Tippy, Danny, Imp, Minnie and Honey enjoy some time together.

Josh is up on the back of the love seat.  From left to right, the dogs are Tippy, Danny, Imp, Minnie and of course their proud mama Honey.

Happy birthday to all of you sweet dogs who make the life of your humans much happier.

I know they all look nothing alike, except for all being dogs, and all being small, but Honey birthed all those puppies (in a single litter in my house) so I know they are siblings.  It always has puzzled me that they were SO NOT similar to each other…  The only two who look a little similar are the two black girls, but Tippy is half the size of Imp and their coats are different.  Tippy has a brush coat which is nearly as soft as a chinchilla and Imp has a horse coat which is more smooth and silky than it is soft.

While I don’t care a wit about breeding and bloodlines, I have long been curious about what was hiding in this little dog family’s woodpile.  So I had DNA testing done for one of the babies.  I mean how could a dog who appears to be a long hair chihuahua, could have 5 such totally different pups?  There 4 distinctive coat types and 4 distinctive markings and non look like their mom.  You won’t believe what the DNA says!

The levels run from 1 to 5 – one being the most related and 4 being the least related.

1, Poodle level 2

2, Chihuahua level 4

3, German Shorthaired Pointer level 4

4, Dalmation level 4

5, French Bulldog, level 4

You know, it still makes no sense, so I sent in Honey’s DNA too and I really look forward to a response.  It will come in about 6 weeks!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear Puppies

  1. Anonymous

    very cute

  2. I love that pic!! 😀
    (P.S. This is Lorraine from Striving For Tiny. I have a brand new blog now. Closed the other due to the fact that living in a future tiny motorhome isn’t feasible for me. I’ve decided to stay put for a while and blog on my current small lifestyle and eco-projects for survival 😀 ) I love your blog!!!

  3. Sweet babies!

  4. Honey’s genes have a marker for the big pointy ears -they all seem to have inherited those ears. What a sweet gang they make! G

  5. Barbara

    Fascinating! As the owner of three mixed-breed rescue dogs, I understand that desire to know where or what they come from.

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