Memphis Workshop

Here is a little bit of information on the upcoming Memphis workshop.


Here is the link to look at what is up or to join us.  Relax shacks

You will see on the web link that I am not yet on the list of people that will be there.  To tell you the truth I still don’t know what I will be doing there… but I am looking forward to it none-the-less.


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3 thoughts on “Memphis Workshop

  1. Hi Laura, please forgive if this is a double-posted comment (I’m browsing the site, tried to comment, and encountered a log-in hiccup). I’m a new Tiny House enthusiast and am busy planning the first of 3 tiny houses we want (one here in ON, one in FL, and one in MS (very near Memphis actually). I’m so curious about THO…any chance for a visit?

    • Sorry about the long hiccup. Thanks for your interest in tiny homes.
      Good luck with your trifecta.


  2. mary

    Brill Laura …do give us a full report. Ithink you’ll have a blast. Meantime the stove review by Tiny House Listings…including a related ‘frontier stove’ was absolutely fanatastic and inspiring!

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