Empress Wu at THO

When I set out the stone path a couple of weeks ago, I wound up with this lovely corner intersection between the path and the patio.  

I am hoping to level the first part of the path where the foundation for it is already properly prepared and then next spring I want to put a showy plant there.  I was thinking that the giant Empress Wu Hostas would look amazing there.   

Do you think there is a plant that would look better?  It has to be big, not attract insects, and do well in the shade.  







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17 thoughts on “Empress Wu at THO

  1. Laura, you might try the link below and see if this shrub would work for you. It’s beautiful and will attract butterflies, too. Most of the Arborvitae would also work, though you have to be careful about variety. Some get huge, while others are easily control with judicious pruning in late winter/early spring.

    Good luck on your project. I’ve been watching your adventure with interest. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Claudsy,
      Unfortunately, I did not get the link. Would you share it again please? Hopefully it will work this time. 😀

      • I’ll sure try. Give me a little while, though. I’m up to my eyeballs in getting a new site up and functioning. See you soon.

  2. Elaine Brown

    Hostas and Periwinkles are great, another shade loving plant that I like is Black Cohosh

  3. Stacy

    I just found this blog and it’s really wonderful. I would love to see Empress Wu Hostas with a few ostrich ferns in there for good measure 🙂 A great combo for texture.

  4. Laura

    Laura, I am trying to find a Tiny House here in Ontario for sale,but it seems everything is located in the US. Did you have your Tiny House built? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Another Laura…
      I built THO myself with some help from a “Uncle” Leo, who did the tough bits. I think anyone with carpentry/general handy person skills could be hired to build you one of these. If you are hiring out, I suggest that you interview and keep an eye on the project. Decide first exactly what you want, changes during construction are expensive… there is a good site on hiring a contractor with the Ontario Government. Use this and follow the suggestions they make, they are good ones.
      Good luck and please keep me posted!

  5. Anonymous

    I think Kingston is around 70 meters above sea level, which means tiny house is even higher.

    • Yes Barb, you are right, when the trees lose their leaves I can see Wolfe Island, the windmills, the Rideau Canal… Even across the border to the USA. It is pretty awesome really… too bad I can’t see it all the time, but I will never cut the trees, so I have to settle for the off season view.

  6. I think a large hosta would be perfect there. Although I have to mention that hostas are a delicacy for deer. Our deer munch on the hostas no matter what we do.

  7. A hosta (of ANY TYPE!) would be OUTSTANDING….!! They are my favorite plant, and look quite nice in a wild environment…!! Mother Nature does such a wonderful job of gardening, a little hosta enhancement is an unexpected delight to the senses. My personal favorite is a big blue.. This is the tenth year for mine….and each year it is fuller ….and such a nice blue-green….. The green will look nice against the rock of your path. You can’t go wrong with a hosta… (Start a collection…!! Not that you need more work to do…!!)

  8. disabledcyclist

    It looks amazing,my friend 😀

    The DC

  9. Tammy

    It isn’t big, but spreads well and is very share tolerant…My vote goes to periwinkle.

  10. Anonymous

    Hi Laura: Don’t forget that Deer love Hosta! But then the plant nursery says they will eat everything. 🙂

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