No One Here But Us Turkeys!

This morning when I woke up the rain had just begun to fall. I flew out of bed to uncover the garden and headed back into Tiny House Ontario to get dressed and organize my day.  My cousin Tracey and I planned on a slumbie at her place in the city tonight, so I had a few things to pack into the car.

I was just about to put them there when I noticed there was a HUGE turkey just beside my door.  Instead of going out, I grabbed the camera and took a couple of photos.  Unfortunately, he got a few feet from the house… and through the glass the photos are not terrifically clear.  Even so, they are better than nothing and I did not want to scare turkey off.  These wild turkeys run fast and fly quite well so I am lucky to get a photo from 20 feet.

The turkey was alone as far as I could see.  Probably attracted by the mix I put out for the birds and chipmunks.  It certainly looked well fed and mature.  I would guess that this turkey was well in excess of 20 pounds.

I knew that there were turkeys here on our historical land because I often see their tracks in the snow; large arrows pointing in direction that they left behind.  It is the first I have seen one come so close so I am thrilled and hoping for more!

The wild turkey is really making a comeback in Eastern Ontario.  I understand from my grandparents that they were once very plentiful; however, as a child I do not recall ever seeing one nor do I recall ever hearing of anyone who hunts ever killing one.  Yet, in the last decade they seem to be thriving.  I also understand that these turkeys were reintroduced to the area from the United States.  Apparently 274 birds were brought in a couple of decades ago and now there are some 35,000 of them in the area.

No matter the details, it was thrilling to have a turkey visit THO this morning!  Now I am signing off because I am going to gobble down some lunch… turkey free, of course!

Tom Turkey

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6 thoughts on “No One Here But Us Turkeys!

  1. Kate

    Plenty of wild turkeys in the Petawawa / Pembroke region this year too. We had a whole troop of them that marched across the farmer’s fields and then through the neighbourhood yards, which are not fenced in.

  2. Oh yes there are wild turkeys a plenty! Especially in Caledon, through Bolton, Palgrave and surrounding areas. You’re lucky to not have had a whole gang f them at your door for food. Lol. As far as I’ve experienced, they travel in large packs in Caledon anyway lol 😉

    • Yes JayNine… it is true. They do travel in packs so I am not sure why this one was solo. Very nice to have it. But I don’t really want it digging in my garden.

  3. Gorgeous! This afternoon I was able to share with a friend a few moments watching our bald eagle fly overhead. He was shocked to know we have a bald eagle living right in the center of town, but its pretty wooded back here. He’s been here since last year so he must like it.

    • Oh Cool! I love to see an eagle overhead! I am also surprised to hear about one living in the city. We don’t see a lot of them up this way but they are coming back post DDT.
      I hope your eagle stays and has a family. There is a successful nest in the Royal Botanical Garden in Hamilton. People here were VERY pleased to see them return after so many years away.

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