I Will Huff and Puff… and Sneak About

Speaking of things that lurk in the forest, it looks like we had a visitor in the night.  Actually I think that there were four or perhaps five of them.  It is hard to guess because the footprints are all mixed up.  They were travelling East.  This visitor left paw prints as big as the palm of my hand.  I think he must be a very big boy!

Can you believe that I never heard a peep or a howl.  Incredible since they were very close to THO, the snow is so crunchy and I sleep with my head next to the open window.

I wish I would have seen them!

Big paw prints

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6 thoughts on “I Will Huff and Puff… and Sneak About

  1. There are some very large coyotes out there (I live in Western NY State). Be careful with your little dogs! 🙂

  2. In the Arctic, Nunavut specifically, a polar bear I am told by my husband, can seem to almost tiptoe!

  3. Well, my gut reaction was somewhere between an “eek” and a “wow”! Said gut still reacting, but whether from relief for you or from jealousy, it’s hard to tell.
    Great photo op for you, however!

    • I love to see, hear and find tracks for all of the woodland creatures… except fishers that is.

  4. It would seem that not only are humans the only ones who make garbage, but are noisy as well. It would have been interesting to watch them, but good your dogs weren’t out then.

    • You bring up a good point Lois. Even the dogs did not seem to notice, although… admittedly Minnie was at the window sniffing and being twitch for about 30 seconds after we went to bed… I listened but did not hear a thing.

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