Splurge on Illumination

Beware the ides of March!

Out in the forest there are a lot of things that go bump in the night.  I love this about THO!  Being so close to nature is brilliant.  Even so, I have been very nervous about letting my dogs out after dark.  In 2011 our poor little handicapped Phyllis (who died in 2012) had a very close call with a fisher even though I was just a foot away from her.  If you have never heard one here is a little video.  Imagine how scary is was to have that thing screaming outside your house for hours after scooping up a little dog and bringing her in to safety; bloodcurdling!  The creature was mighty mad that it missed the poodle meal!  Despite what the ladies in the video said, it is my experience that these fishers seem to have little fear of humans, I hear them outside very frequently.   This is why I only bring out the dogs individually on a short leash after dark if they ABSOLUTELY have to go.

I purchased a powerful but costly little 12 volt spotlight last year when I was getting the wiring for the house but at the time I did not have a ladder to get up there. Now that it is warm enough and I have a ladder, I got the light into place.  I wish I had the sort of camera that worked well in night conditions so that I could show you how bright the candle is for this little light, but since I don’t I will estimate that it is similar in brightness to a 200 watt bulb.

Poop Garden spot light

It looks terrific and is bright!  In fact, the dog garden lights up like a ball field.  Obviously, I don’t want to light pollute at THO and keep away the fireflies and other wild wonders, but it is great to be able to get the dogs out and feel safely able to see what is out there.  This said, I won’t use it except to let the dogs out and also to help people see to get to their vehicle at night.  Despite the $100 cost it is a very nice safety feature to have.

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10 thoughts on “Splurge on Illumination

  1. Victoria

    Ok, so the scream from those critters is spoooooky!!

    I agree about the light, it is small, un-obtrusive and apparently lights up the area well…perfect!! I’m glad you don’t have motion detector lights….it would bother the wildlife awfully bad.

    Did you post any info on the light?

  2. A little bit of light to give you more security is better than feeling scared in the night… Wild animals do not live by the same rules… I had an Aunt that decided to have a raccoon as a pet… She discovered that, no, not a good idea!

    • You are right, they don’t live by the same rules at all. I have let my friends know that if I am ever eaten by a bear to leave the bear alone. The bear would of course just have been shopping in the same way as people go to the market.
      The light helps to make me feel a little less like the fresh meat section.

  3. strivingfortiny

    I’m glad you put that light up! You need the safety and security out there. The Fishers sound dreadful!!! I watched the video!! That would freak me the heck out. So what if the light was $100. It was money well spent. 😀

    • Ha! You are right, of course. It is money well spent and I should stop feeling guilty about it!

  4. That is so small and unobtrusive, it blends in, I’m not sure I would even notice it up there unless it was turned on.

    • Thanks Lois, I am glad that you don’t find it too sticky outey. It is about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. You are right… when it is on you would notice it. It is like a white flare in the forest… but it should do what it is intended to do, so it is good.
      xo L

  5. Tracey

    Sooooo………can we get the dogs some tiny baseball jersey’s to wear while they’re out there? Since it lights up like a ball field?? Hahahaha!!!!!

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