Man of Stone

I went to the quarry today and picked up some more shale.  There is an awesome guy who works there.  He is as cute as a button with a big warm smile.  Not surprisingly, due to his work he is strong as an ox!  He is thoughtful too.  Just because he knows I am coming, he is collecting sheets for me while he is digging with his giant tractor like thing.  You gotta love a Canadian man!  He had it all set up and ready, so when I went today there was no climbing.  It was all set out in neat little piles and ready to go.

As a matter of fact he helped me lift the stone up into the old truck!  Awesome eh?

Either the guy is a gentleman or he wants to get rid of me quick!  Six of one and half a dozen of the other… right now, he is acting like one of my best friends (or at minimum as a person who appreciates my business).  He is another living proof that there are good people everywhere.  Too, having a friendly face on one end makes this stone hauling a lot more fun than one would think!

Not sure if you read Tiny House Ontario Dan, but my hat is off to you!

xo L


Tiny House Ontario with the stone work underway.

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10 thoughts on “Man of Stone

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  2. mary lyon

    Very excited to see your project Laura….am doing just the same thing here in uk wales. I’ve been looking at pennant blue stone, slate and a limestone to try to decide. Which type of stone is that which Dan so helpfully dug up? Have bought the fabric to cover the ground…is that what I can see that you’ve laid? Please keep us posted with the project and Good Luck! Best Wishes Mary

    • Hi Mary,
      Good luck with your project! The stone I am using is limestone shale. It is very plentiful here in the Kingston, Ontario area. In fact, Kingston is called “The Limestone City”.
      I was just at the quarry this morning and Dan had another 1/3 of a ton ready and waiting! What a great guy eh?
      Best to you,

  3. Anonymous

    Love the look!

  4. Still enjoying all you entrees The shale will look great as a Patio . Didn’t get to hear you on the radio. Hope it went well. You enjoy life like I do!

    • Yes Shirley… I agree… I think it is a creative person thing… I find that all of us, without exception, typically live our lives to the very fullest. So much to do still! xo L

  5. Lovely work, Laura. I don’t think it is just a Canadian thing. Here in my town I find that all of the independent businesses have employees/owners who take the time to give courteous and helpful service, not like at the big box stores.

    • Yes, I am sure you are right… I have not done a lot of business in the states so I will take your word for it. I think you are right though… the key is to deal with small businesses if you want to be appreciated and treated well. 😀

  6. JUST LOVELY…! I can appreciate the bending, and lifting..and fitting. You probably wear gloves….but I found a brace helped save my back. Lovely color with the rocks… Looks against the red.

    • No gloves. They get on my fingers. I am a little sore from the work, but I don’t mind any of that.
      I am glad you like the look of the stone with the steel!

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