Photos to follow up from Tiny House Listings

Tiny House Listings has posted my weekly column here.  Here are more photos from the solar furnace project!

G caulking the cracks Here is the exterior infrastructure!  Adjusting the screws Laura hanging on the roof doing nothing Ready for Plexiglass Matt paint Viking in contemporary drag G adjusting Guillaume doing my work for me A HOLE IN THE WALL!!!!  EEEEK! Resuming with the box up! Vent near outlet Hj Fixing my wiring Cut wires and curse words Waiting after the injury


Can you guess?

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9 thoughts on “Photos to follow up from Tiny House Listings

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  2. Bea Castro-Leeman

    Hello. I think these stories and the examples for building are great! Are there ANY workshops on how to properly build tiny houses available in or near Southwest Ontario? My husband and I are interested in learning about and building our own tiny/small house. We’d also like to hear about how Ontario Laws and building codes would apply. Are there any Tiny House communities existing in or near Southwest Ontario

  3. Ouch…poor toe and thumb.

    I’m really interested in this type of heating as well. Would you be willing to describe the pop can version you came up with? I would think your final solution would work better.

  4. Is it heating now….?? Looks exciting….and fascinating!

    • It is, but I am not sure how well yet because there is still a pretty good canopy over the house. I will know better once the trees drop their summer suits.

  5. You’re damn funny. I thought I had problems with working on projects but you rival me…How is the thumb, btw, and did you manage to generate a numb spot on the side of it like mine.

  6. Hi Laura,
    I haven’t got the slightest idea of what this is ??? A vent perhaps ?? Anyway, I suppose we will find out more sooner or later. Wish you a beautiful day,…. Helen

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