The Love of the Land

What I loved the most about my dad was his deep and thriving love of the land.  He was a farmer who lived not too far away from the place in which Tiny House Ontario is built.  He dreamed of owning expansive property where he make a living ploughing straight long furrows into the earth and filling them with seeds.

This love of the land is one thing where my dad and I found common ground.  I absolutely love the earth!  I love the sky, the soil, the rocks, the trees, the critters and every single natural thing that sprouts from the Mother Earth.  I am the sort of person who could spend a day looking at a tiny mushroom and marvel in the wonder of it.

Too, like Erazim Kohák, I find that the former human interaction with land puzzling and I feel strongly connected to this as well.  An unexpected human thing left behind and out of place in the natural world leaves me with thousands of questions.  On my land, about a half kilometre from THO, there are many small and random stone cairns which draw me back to them time and time again.  They are quite curious because they are way up on the top of the escarpment far away from the low laying fields.  My people, farmers, would never have carried stones for futility, so they came before the Irish parts of me settled here 150 years ago.

Here, in a crescent of stone, is my beloved cousin S (son of my father’s twin); he is also drawn to and fascinated with the cairns on our historic family land.  The pull of them on us, is strong and magical; we are connected.

Did you find our gorgeous little M who is hiding?

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3 thoughts on “The Love of the Land

  1. Beautiful natural site. I too am attracted to the outdoors and bring plenty of it inside for those moments I can not be outside. What is is about holding a rock in my hand that makes me smile or the sounds of nature. I am the only one of my siblings or extended family that has this deep need to be close to nature, but I passed it on to my children and now their children too need to be outside and in touch with nature. Oh and I am with you on sitting and staring at a mushroom!

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