Kingston Pagan Pride

Today was the Pagan Pride Festival in Kingston.  I have been looking forward to this for weeks.

It was held at the Confederation Park in front of City Hall.  For those of you who do not know what Pagans are and are curious, events such as this are a fantastic way to gain understanding about the old religions (and why there is such a huge interest in the revival of the old religions).

Pagans are not one group of people with a single idea, there are many beliefs from many areas of the world and these are a very diverse group who consider themselves Pagan.  There are Native, Wiccan, Norse, Goddess, Nature/Earth Mother and many other beliefs.  I myself, identify somewhere within Native/Earth Mother spirituality.  This said, I am very interested in people’s beliefs, so much so that I took a medial in the topic at University moons ago.

There were workshops, a tarot reader and some vendors too, unfortunately, I had to leave before seeing the dancing and singing.  Hopefully I can attend for the whole day next year.  Kingston is particularly great in this way because there are so many really great people here who are Pagans.  It is a particularly friendly and open group of people!

THO is not being sponsored but, I decided to share the links where I have them because they are all small businesses (and artists) and if you are interested you may want to know where to access items in this area (or on line).

Anglin Bay Pottery
Wolves Den Pottery
Kingston Soap Company
Goddess Blends

We got a beautiful day for it and there was a good deal of foot traffic through.  It was nice to catch up with people both Pagan and non Pagan.

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