The best things in life and the boring details

The best things in life aren’t things; even so, there are some things that you need.  Largely, I really want to believe that stuff is not that important.  But then I think of those who live on, and with nothing; I submit that existing without stuff would be quite impossible.

In Tiny House Ontario, like in each Tiny House, the stuff that I keep must be absolutely considered.  A detailed deliberation must be given to every bit and bob, even if it is as small as a barrette or a box of nails. Food, too, must be closely observed.  I like to grow or buy fresh and since there are farm gatepost stores in the area and a some wonderful general stores too, I don’t have to worry too much about storing it, at least for the time being; I am there living only during the growing season but eventually, food storage will be an important issue and by then I believe that a fruit cellar will be an absolute necessity.

Despite the size, there are five storage areas in Tiny House Ontario.  On the main level, there is the kitchen and the shelves at the West side.  In the loft there is the closet, the dresser and, opportunistically, I bought roll under the bed storage when it was on sale, but I have not put this to use.

The necessities:

Tools for building and outdoor work.  Cooking, serving, eating and food (I keep a few gross but easy dry things there all the time, like Mr. Noodles and dehydrated soup, as well as beans, flour, salt and sugar should someone need to survive there for a few days), my grandma’s kettle and dish soap. Water for drinking, cooking, washing as well as survival books and extra eyeglasses so that I can read them.

A reasonably well stocked first aid kit and toiletries, a wash pan, and a couple of buckets, face clothes, towels and  throw blankets, garbage and recycle bins, clothing, bedding, candles, matches and lighter

A cell phone, bee’s wax candles, lights, batteries, propane, BBQ, camp stove and a heater if you do not have a heat source built in are also required, as well as a cooler or refrigeration source.

Stuff that I love and believe I require:

Literature including the complete works of Douglas Coupland , poet Sean Moreland, and some family history books.  Cards, a few games and puzzles, candy (for the children who come), and chocolate (for me).  I also must have art and art supplies, as well as a solid collection of old Harrowsmith magazines which tell me how to do a lot of homesteading stuff so they may well be required as much as I like them because I use them for reference materials.

I also find it important to have some spiritually, emotionally significant and things that comfort me.  This collection includes: a justice and safety spell, sweet grass, white sage, and burning shell.  A green crystal, the family bible, angel cards, carved boxes, a friendship ball, an Irish shamrock, the ashes of my late dogs, a hat and a salt and pepper poodle shaker set.

I would guess that the stuff I love makes up about 1/10 of the total mass of stuff in Tiny House Ontario, I suppose I could live without it, but I choose not to and I am grateful that I don’t have to make the choice of what to leave behind me, as many unfortunate people have had to do all over the world.  It would be interesting to know how this breaks down in the average home.  When you look around your home now, I wonder what do you need in there?   What do you have just so that your home looks nice when visitors come?

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4 thoughts on “The best things in life and the boring details

  1. Hey Laura: I’ve added a Follow-by-email widget at Fantasy Writer Guy blog. Is that suitable? I don’t know of any other options available to me!

  2. I once lived in a caravan with my family whilst they were doing up the house I live in now. When you live with the things out of one box you quickly realise how much you have that you don’t need, and what is important to you. Like you, part of that for me was books.

  3. What I don’t have but what I need just so that my home looks nice when visitors come, is a maid ;^)

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