THO and International Relations

THO hosted a Tiny international gathering last night.  Three members of our family from Germany and three from Canada along with Hj, me and the four dogs.  It has been a long time coming… my sister was totally surprised, as was I (last week) to see how tall Michael is now.  We both, had not seen him since he was just 9 years old in 2003.  These big distances make for big gaps in our understanding of one another.  It is good to be in touch.

Our dogs were in heaven with all the hands there to pet them.  As well as the possibility of catching a salty potato chip was very exciting to them because this is something which we do not often have.

Unusually, the coyotes were very quiet last night. Perhaps it was the number of people that kept them away?  Or perhaps they had to listen more quietly to understand the language in the cloth porch?

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