If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

It is hot here again at Tiny House Ontario.  Pig hot!  So hot in fact that Baby does not like to be driven and is giving me a bit of grief.  It is not a wonder, even my thin leather jacket is far too warm – both it and my helmet are getting downright funky.

The dogs have gone to Hamilton to be in the air-conditioning with Big Papa Dog.  I have been running away from the house to get away from the heat which is possible only because I don’t have to be there for the dogs.  I have been at my friend’s significantly more comfortable (AKA: air conditioned) places (thanks and you know who you are!), I have been at the movies and even at shopping places to get out of the heat.

Not moving around much is also a good way to deal with the heat, so I read the entire (not very good) dropped book which was left at the end of a driveway in a pile of stuff.  I also do this with books.  I read them and leave them where I finish them, unless there is someone that comes to mind when I read it or there is something mind bogglingly amazing about the book.  The mind boggling ones, I keep and read over and over and often buy copies for friends too.

I also had a little bit of company.  My girlfriend Velda, her husband Peter and their youngest daughter were out for a visit and also delivered the battery for my solar system (Thank you!).  I wish that we lived closer year around because both my husband and I really like their company and it would be good to see a lot more of them.  Too they have really terrific kids and I seriously miss being around little ones.  I would have loved to have a lot of kids but life did not offer me this opportunity so I am grateful to have friends with kids and also this probably explains the dog pack.  It was a nice visit even though it was far too hot.  We could not even sit in the cloth porch which was sauna like, so we brought some chairs to the shadier North side of the house and sat there for a visit.  I am afraid that it was not a very comfortable temperature there either, but even so, I was happy to see them.

So, thanks to my friends, I have all the bits now for the solar system except for the 12v lights which is what the system will operate.  I will get all the bits in place this week so that when Leo comes on the weekend… yes, I remembered to call him this time… I can get some guidance from him regarding what to do so that I don’t blow up all the new bits!

The weather forecast says that the weather will cool off a bit tomorrow and that we are expecting a bit of rain on Saturday.  I am divided about wanting rain for my garden and the forest and not wanting rain because this is when I expect Leo to put the steel on THO.  It would be great if it pissed rain every night after 9:00 and then stopped at 6:00 am.  Mother Nature, are you listening?  Please give us hours and hours of good slow steady night rain.

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