Tiny House Community: Possible?

I have noticed many people in (and around) the Tiny House community wondering about building Tiny House Communities.  I was out for a little drive around my community and decided to take a few peeks in at the beautiful Rideau Canal.  On one of my stops I noticed a Tiny Cottage community which I realize is simply small rental cottages; however, I wonder since these are already built, would these not be a good location for a Tiny House Community?  I also think that they set a precedence for Tiny House Communities to be allowed within Ontario.  At least in the communities which have allowed these Tiny seasonal cottages.  Any lawyers reading who have experience with municipal building codes, input would be excellent!

Adorable aren’t they?

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5 thoughts on “Tiny House Community: Possible?

  1. As a group of eco oriented homesteaders, preppers,sustainability proponents, we’ve been forming a community for the past few years, with the intent of settling on a unique rural, semi-remote property in North Muskoka, with hundreds of acres crown land on either side.
    A natural component of this is the Tiny House, and/or larger cabins on the ground.. Yurts, tepees,wofatis….to seasonally camp, build, 4-season retreat,or permanent homestead/retirement , with support of likeminded neighbors … It takes a village.
    This is all do-able, legal , and at this point in global/social events, is timely and overdue as part of the precedent that more will be seeking in the next months/years.
    Affordability,ownership, mobility, sustainability, eco respectful, consensual governance….all features of a viable alternative for the pioneers who share the vision.
    There are many economically sustaining scenarios possible with an ingenious group like this as well.
    Our final window of opportunity for this unique space is likely this spring…maybe till summer, but not likely.
    If any share this vision, and seek co-operative community with the passion for living lighter/tinier on the land , contact asap to ride the crest with us…..henry

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    • Hi Henry, I am going to bring your group to the attention of another group that I am aware of that is working on an intentional community closer to the Guelph area.

      As you will know from reading my blog, I already have land and would not be interested in joining the group formally, but I would like to sit in on a meeting to get a feel for the group. If you are okay with this, please do let me know an I will join your meet up to see if there is a time that our schedules merge.

      Kind regards and best of luck!
      Laura ❤

      • That’s very thoughtful of you,Laura…thanks! I may know of some of them already but everyone should have the greatest choice for their (changeable) situation, so i’m all for crosspollination.
        You are welcome to join, of course…if only to check us out…but feel free to ask for any clarifications too…. cheers, henry

  2. We actually have a similar tiny cottage rentals near us in Rhode Island. I will try to get some photos to upload.

  3. great idea! worth looking into for sure!

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