All of you who are keeping track of the progress at Tiny House Ontario know that she is very much a project who is still underway.

Today I hoped to get the siding on but without the tools basically my husband and I had the day off to look around and while doing so we stopped at Canadian Tire because it was on our route.  It turns out that the off grid stuff was on sale, so we sort of borrowed from Peter to pay Paul and made a couple of big ticket purchases.

It seems to me that with a little 12 volt (18 litre) fridge and a few solar panels that Tiny House Ontario will not feel so off grid anymore.  The two items together cost $474. plus tax, with the sale it was as though the fridge got thrown in and so too did the tax.  Now we have another job to do because we have to figure out how the system works, and actually connect the fridge to power.  I also need to get a battery…

The great thing is that now that I have the little fridge I can actually start to plan in earnest what the end result kitchen will look like.


UPDATE: July 7 2012… I was informed by a couple of people in the know that these sort of solar panels are not great because they are encased in plastic.  I understand that it would have been the same cost to by aluminium and they last at least twice as long.

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