Beautiful Death

I have loved ones buried at the Sandhill cemetery on Montreal Street North of Kingston.  I go there to visit their graves very frequently.  I can’t forget them.  As a matter of fact, I want to remember them, and miss talking with them so I go frequently and catch my people up with the community news.  I am not sure if the dead can hear, but what I am sure of is that the dead and their visitors are treated daily to glorious skies.  The cemetery is built high and the view from there is always beautiful.


I have come to feel that our late loved ones were given the best spot in the province.  Even most locals do not know that part of the property was donated to the community from an immigrant named George Masoud who came to Canada from Mount Lebanon in Syria.  This area is the Christian Heartland of the currently troubled country.

When Mr. Masoud lived in Syria the area of Mt. Lebanon would have looked somewhat like this.  (The photo is from 1914 where he donated the property to our community a few years before this.)

This is what he left to us and relatively, this is an ordinary sunset from Sandhill.  Our graveyard is a beautiful spot to be alive.  Wouldn’t you agree?

For the most part, I think we all leave behind something beautiful when we die.  I hope, when my time comes, that I will be no exception.

Jane Orr and her husband George Masoud
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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Death

  1. oh my god jam tearing up here, i really want to see the pictures, i really love to know their life story and how they both died. i really want to see his photo and his wife, if there is a story to tell i would like to know, this means a lot to us, thank you so much for your help, i will visit one day and meet you in person

  2. First \il want to thank you for your lovely comment on my book. and I was surprised when you commented on the Bucket of Blood.
    Secondly \I want to tell you how very much I have enjoyed reading your beautiful writings and looking at you wonderful photos. \how you appreciate nature and your animals as \I do also. Thank you for sharing them. Will be following them. Good luck in all you do! Shirley Gibson-Langille

    • Hi Shirley,
      Thanks for stopping by to read. I hope you will stay in touch – there are so few creatives who are part of the family… I am glad that you reached out to say hello.

      • hadiak1977

        hi laura, george masoud is my husband’s grandfather’s uncle, i am trying to get information about him, can you please help me, we don;t know how he died and we don’t know where he is bared. by luck we found your article

      • Hello! I am not sure if you are in Canada or overseas, but I will do the best that I can to assist you. He is buried in Sandhill cemetery in Battersea, Ontario, Canada. I am going to attach a link that should take you to the site. His stone faces the east, away from the road, so you can only see the back of the stone on Google maps. He and his wife’s headstone is between two very overgrown shrubs. My great grandparents are buried sideways along his grave so we are connected. I always visit ancestors and while I am there I stop to tip my hat to this late great member of our community.
        With very kind regards to you.
        Also if you wish to see some more about him there are some photos of his business and one from a community event that he sponsored. I saw these on the Vintage Kingston Facebook site.
        If for some reason the link does not work, or you wish to know more, please write to me at the Tiny House Ontario Facebook site and I will happily share an image with you there.

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