Tee Hee Hee… Oops!

Today is the day for the siding to be put up!  Yeah!

Hj drove here from Hamilton to help and I hired Leo.  We got up nice and early, had a coffee, prepared the site, opened the packages so that when Leo arrives with the generator and cutting tools it will all be ready for him.

We sat petting the dogs after we were done this and waited for Leo who normally arrives between 8 and 9 when he is working at Tiny House Ontario.




9:00 no Leo…

hmmm… what is it they say about watched kettles?

At 9:30 I when he had still not arrived I realize that I WAS supposed to CALL HIM to let him know when the steel was delivered.  I neglected to do this…  Probably a mental hiccup because I hate the phone.

Still, I feel sorry because Hj came a long way and poor THO is not getting her promised birthday suit of new steel today.

Leo is fishing with Woodchuck.  I hope they catch something.

As for me and Hj, we are just going to hang around and do not too much.  I guess I will take it easy, thinking perhaps I am tired because this is the second truly stupid thing that I have done this week!

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