Happy Canada Day!

It is Canada Day here, which is the National Holiday.  The Saint John’s Wort is blooming now too.  I did not make any specific plans because I thought I would be putting up siding… Oops!

With nothing planned instead I weeded the garden, organized the bedroom and the bathroom and went to have a shower.  I also put on some half decent clothes for a change and drove to town with my husband.  We are at Wendy’s now having a baked potato.  Nothing fancy!

Quiet holidays like this always make me feel like I should be doing something.  They also make me think about people who mean a lot to me.  I am going to see if I can talk Hj into seeing the movie, Rock of Ages at the Cineplex, because I heard that it is hilarious from my cousin Tracey, who laughs at similar things to me.  She, Liisa and Hj are the people who I laugh with the most.  Kirk also makes me laugh but I don’t see him often enough.

For me, laughter is not a prerequisite for friendship.  Generally speaking, kindness is about the only absolute that must exist in the people who I love.

Anyway… I am off on another topic now when basically I wanted to just pop in and wish you all a happy day and to let my readers from other locations know why we are all red and white here today.

I am not really a nationalist, but rather I appreciate that I live in a country that has seen a lot of priviledge.  Just should you never have had the chance to visit us here in Ontario Canada, below is a photo of our parliament and the peace tower.  I chose to show you this because my great great great grandpa James, drew the stone up the Rideau Canal in his ship to build this.  My people have been here an awfully long time.

Have a safe and wonderful day!

Update: I have seen the film now.  I did not find it particularly funny, but I did think it was entertaining and worth seeing.  I left the cinema feeling like I did not waste my money and that I saw a film.  I think that the actors did a good job.  I would say that this is the best role that Tom Cruise has had, since Risky Business and I might be a little in love with him again.  ;-P



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