Rubbish Books Re-use

While in Gananoque a few days ago I stopped in at a cafe called The Socialist Pig.  I won’t go again even though they have internet and the coffee was good.  The reason, I did not enjoy it is because the smell of bacon from the place next door was overwhelming.  I was with a person who eats meat and even for them it was “too much of a good thing”.  I wanted to use my computer so I stayed for a quick coffee and while I was there I witnessed four other people pivot out instead of sitting down, for just this reason.  I don’t know if anyone else finds that the chemical used curing bacon takes your breath away while it cooks?  I really cannot breathe at all when I smell this.  Perhaps it is another in my long and dragged out list of chemical allergies?

While I was not a fan of the smell of the cafe, I thought that they had an interesting idea for dealing with old unwanted books (instead of sending them to the land fill).

Of course, Tiny House Ontario has no use for a bar that would hang out of the ends of the house because is is so huge, but I think, if I ever have the opportunity to build that 380 square foot straw bale “green” home that I am always dreaming of, I may very well use this idea as the dividing wall (or part of one) between the living room and bedroom.

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