Clean & Tiny

Doing laundry off grid when there is no nearby river or lake is something that has to be planned because all water has to be caught or brought.  I have a few techniques for dealing with this.

I do a little bit of wash on the old glass scrub board if, for example, there is something that might stain. Otherwise I put it in my Chicken Little backpack and drive to town to throw it in the wash at Lavergne’s on Montreal Street in Kingston.  I only want to do one load at a time because I bring it back to dry and have only so much fence to hang it on.  In wanting to allow only let one load get dirty, I have to decide what to wear by the week.   What I mean, is if I choose to wear red then I stick to red/pink/yellow all week, like wise, blue/purple/green and black/grey/brown… in order to keep my clothing from being dull and yucky from mixing them all in together in a load.  In other words, my laundry dictates my weekly wardrobe.  When it is time to wash the bedding, I remove my spare helmet put this under Baby’s seat, I don’t like to do this because one never knows if they will need to take an extra rider, but I also don’t want to have to take two trips to the city.   It makes it a bit squishy with two loads, because I only have so much fence to dry things on.  Maybe I will put in a clothes line?

To save money, I bring my soap with me and when the wash is done, I bring it home and hang it out to dry.  I like to be back with it by noon so that it can dry in the afternoon sun.

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2 thoughts on “Clean & Tiny

  1. Anonymous

    I read this stuff and i think Im reading a blog my parents would write. This is how they live.

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