Keep on Rockin’ at Tiny House

It stopped raining this afternoon so HJ and I decided to do a little outside work instead of building the little W/C units.  We started to close in the base of the W/C so that it can be used to hide items that we want to hang onto, such as bits of pipe.

While we worked in that area we also decided to put in a few of the large rocks that we collected into place so that we have stairs leading East from the front of the Tiny House instead of a slope.

Since I was handling some rocks, I also put a few more rocks at the West side of the house and Cloth Porch.  I really love the flat stones because I can run outside with my bare feet to tend to the dogs or the BBQ.  The flat stones make it a little bit more convenient and therefore comfortable.  It is really hard work to dig them up and to get them level, but I think it is worth the effort.

I imagine that this will not be my last update on rockin’ because I imagine that we need to find and put in another 200 or so before the plans are fully realized.



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