Something New

I have been looking all over for a unit to go into the little WC.  I have about a 1 foot wide by 6 inch deep space to put the trash bin, coconut husk bin and as well I wanted a little surface to put things on as well as a small drawer for personal products.  For the last month I have stopped at as many of the second hand places as I could think of and could never find anything of these particular dimensions which suited my needs.

Today I left the Tiny House because of the rain with the idea that I would do a blog post and also stop and get a little box to put the toiletries in.  We are over near the town centre in the Home Depot plaza and we found a nice little stand at JYSK.  They are tiny and not too expensive and today the tax is included, so the unit was under $25.  I also bought a $2. piece of oil cloth for my table (mine is ripped).  Next door at the Dollarama I got two little plastic bins for 1.50 each, white for garbage and black for coconut husks.  It was a $30 shopping extravaganza!

I am looking forward to getting them set up.  It is too rainy to get the eves trough up/rain barrel working, but even getting a little small stuff accomplished feels good.  

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