Baby Got Back!

I got Baby back.  Turns out that I had both a blocked carb and a bad stator.  I don’t know what a carb is – unless it is the thing that comes in pasta and bread.  I also do not know what a stator is.  Apparently if your stator is bad then your bike will randomly turn off and misbehave.  It becomes erratic in reliability – behaving a bit like a person with an uncontrolled mental illness.

It is also difficult to diagnose.  The bike mechanic was very frustrated!

The bill for fixing Baby’s carb, replacing her stator and also fixing her kickstand (just a little spring) was just over $400.

The only part which I know the function of, is the kick stand.  I would like to take a basic bike mechanics course, but don’t know if courses like this are available any more.

Nice to have my wheels on the road again!

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