Growing – Maybe

It is now six months since I started the Tiny House Ontario Blog.  It is almost a year since the Tiny House was built enough to move things and myself into.

This year we got some soil from one of the local farm boys.  He delivered beautiful soil to me, far more than I needed for $40.  The best thing is that it is REAL soil not sifted dead crap that you buy from the companies who bring their interpretation of soil. Dead dirt.

The soil has lovely clay deposits in it which I took out and will make a clay oven from ( I now have half of what I need).  It also had some wonderful round granite rocks which are left overs from the ice age going over the Canadian Shield, these will be beautiful orange accents, for the stone fence, I also had four full wheel barrels of extra soil which I put beside my humanure/compost unit and this will be used to cover the organics.  I am grateful to the farmer and to the young man for sharing with me.

There was a good half day of digging and I am grateful that I have a husband who took care of this for me.  I am still quite winded from losing my grandmother, so it was nice to have him take care of the hard work.  He dug and I threw out the beautiful stones and clay, then raked and planted the garden.

We went to Sand’s Produce and picked up a few tomato and pepper plants from the Sands family business and planted them too.

The next morning we found that some little critter stole every single one of the zucchini and squash seeds as well as having dug up the bean seeds.  Today since it is raining, I put a few more in the ground and will put wire mesh over the seeds.

I am not sure if we can produce any food in a garden, in a small clearing, in the middle of a forest.  I guess it is fully depending on the cooperation of the other creatures who make this their home as well.

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One thought on “Growing – Maybe

  1. Tracey Miller

    Laura- Dad says he has some chicken wire down there, if that is any use to you covering your little garden. He says you can just take it, he has no need for it.

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