A Different Angle

I took a photo of Tiny House Ontario that I find so absolutely initially terrible looking that I almost don’t want to show you.

Still… it is too weird and funky to keep to myself.  And if you look past the TYPAR covering, you might see this photo as interesting, as I do.

The light filtering through the trees is gorgeous and also my sweet husband is the shadow in the cloth porch.

Life is worth living here.


Still, I hope we can get Tiny House Ontario sided this year.  A new white food grade barrel will go up this weekend on the WC roof to meet the hose (you might see it) there.

Onward, we move.  One foot in front of the other.  

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One thought on “A Different Angle

  1. Devlin

    I like it! How about lining the bottom of the WC with a drystacked fieldstone wall? You might be able to find some rocks on your property? Put some moss and ferns in with them. It’ll look good and it’s free.

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