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Art and Angels

I just finished updating the waterproofing on our beautiful Steven Kenzora carvings.  I was just about to photograph them when I looked up.  The sun was shining through the canopy and I thought it looked like there were angels dancing on my roof.

If a thousand angels fit on the head of a pin, then the tiny roof of my tiny house makes a very magnificent dance floor!

Angels on my roof

Angels on my roof

Kenzora’s work is out again for the year.

My warrior

THO warrior

My forest guardian

The guardian of the forest



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Magical Men

In the forest surrounding Tiny House Ontario the Wood Spirits are very much present: this is despite the horrible drought we experienced here and over much of central North America in the summer of 2012.  The drought was such that the insects died and the birds moved away.  Thankfully we are now covered in a blanket of snow and this will give the life chain a chance to recover from the soil up.  I am normally not a huge fan of the snow, but this year I am more than grateful for it!

The Wood Spirits, I am sure you know, manage the forest for Mother Nature.  Their work includes: collecting food for the birds when snow covers the ground, watering seeds that bring the wildflowers, placing dew drops on spider webs, they remind the gods of wind to bring cool breezes in the summer months, and of course they paint the beautiful autumn colours on the forest every year. Everything that is majestic and vibrant about a healthy forest is the work of the Wood Spirits.   Last year, the drought made their job difficult.

Still, I want them to know how much I appreciate the work that they do.  I will honour them in 2013.  I have purchased a beautiful carving which is done by the magical Chain Saw Carving Artist Steven Kenzora out of Peterborough, Ontario.  I will hang this in a place of honour at THO.

I am a huge fan of Steven’s work as you will see if you Google Image his name.   I have not yet met him nor his partner Jodi and yet THO is intrinsically connected to his work, popping up in nearly as many images as do his wonderfully whimsical carvings.  This is the first of his work that I own, and though it needless to say, I am very excited… BUT… I AM VERY EXCITED!

The great news is that he and Jodi are opening a shop this spring, in Peterborough I imagine.  I will be sure to let you know because this would make for a wonderful road trip and a little shopping fun that even the most non-commercial will approve of!  It fits in my ideal rules for good shopping: the farm/market for food, the shop small and local, the art one of a kind from artists, support local musicians, the books of local writers, and when dining outside of home eat in family owned restaurants.  I hope I got them all…

Thank you Steven and my friends the Wood Spirits for the magic you do!  Magic really does make the world a better place.

Bonus: Wood Spirits are very good at bringing interesting people together for conversation.

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