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Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me

Last night I went to a poetry reading in Kingston.  I was caught in the pouring rain which came to us at the tail end of the Issac storm.  I knew I would get wet but I went through it anyway.  To tell you the truth it was sort of fun!  There was lots of water so it was a bit like a ride at a water park.

We have had so little rain this year that I was glad to see it come.  It was nice to be soaked right to the skin.  Thing is that when I arrived I ran right in and only at the half time break when I wanted to get a card from my purse (tucked safely in my trunk) did I run back out in the rain again.

Turns out, my truck did not lock properly and it was gaping open when I went out.  The trunk was filled right to the top with water – about 6 inches deep.  The terrible thing about this, is that my camera and my Mac laptop were both totally submerged.  SUBMERGED.

Worse… My laptop had the only copy of the draft of my novel on it.  Plus all other writing outside of this blog.  Over a year of my writing disolved like sugar in tea.

I have brought it in to see if they can recover the data but I am not very hopeful.  I am sitting now at the public library posting.  I have huge tears rolling down my cheeks as I write and I feel like I have been kicked really hard in the stomach.


UPDATE: After writing this – I remembered that I printed a hard copy of my novel, two months ago, so even with the data lost I can type it again!  Feeling like I can breathe again….

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